January 11, 2021


by Sophie Gerard in News




CLIENT:  Ville de Bruxelles
ADDRESS: Boulevard de l’Abattoir 51 – 1000 Brussels
PROGRAMME: Masterplan –  Outdoor spaces





The corner of the Porte de Ninove and the district of Heyvaert has really changed in the last few years, and we have not seen the end of it! New operations are due to begin shortly, especially with the forthcoming Parc de la Sennette, SLRB housing and the refurbishment of the outdoor spaces at the Vander Putten Stadium. This last operation is at the centre of the masterplan mission, something which will serve to put all of these new projects to music.

The intention for the Vander Putten Stadium site is to generate synergies between the new sporting facilities (environment of the stadium, organisation of sport halls), the forthcoming SLRB housing, the continuity of the green landscape and the connections with the future Parc de la Sennette.

The masterplan must enable cohabitation between the peculiarities and challenges of each of the operations, and take into account the ideas of the different studies conducted for the CRU 05 Heyvaert Poincaré, PAD Porte de Ninove and Heyvaert, BKP Canal and for the Parc de la Sennette.

The City of Brussels is looking for a multi-disciplinary team with expertise in architecture, urban planning and urban landscaping. The team must work on the masterplan in a process of co-construction with the different stakeholders.

The mission is divided into two firm lots so that ideas may evolve over time, in line with ongoing studies and projected developments.
– One lot for a masterplan for the Vander Putten Stadium focusing on a general study to define and schedule integrating the housing/facilities project and its environment and the Parc de la Sennette.  The masterplan must be completed within 3 months and will be divided into 3 phases: 1.Analysis and vision, 2.Volumetric integration of programmes, 3.Issue of recommendations, both textual and graphic.
– A lot for the realization of reworking the Stadium’s outdoor spaces – defined in the masterplan – seeking to optimise their use and develop the range of fun and sporting facilities in connection with the Parc de la Sennette.

– Architect – urban Planner
– Landscape architect
– Specialist in technical execution of public space

– Quality of understanding the challenges and vision (50%)
– Quality of the proposed methodology (35%)
– Feasibility (15%)

– Week of 25th January 2021: 3 to 5 teams will be invited to submit an offer;
– Tuesday 9th February 2021: Site visit and information session
– Tuesday 9th March 2021: submission of offers (letter of intent, method notes and feasibility notes);
– Tuesday 23th March 2021: presentation of bids to the advisory committee;
– Beginning of April 2021: award and start of the mission.

– For the masterplan: €50,000.00 including VAT
– For the outdoor spaces: fees are set at 9% net of VAT, applied to the cost of the works (on works award)

€2,000 will be attributed to each of the 3 to 5 teams invited to tender who submitted a regular offer. For the winner, this sum will be considered an advance fee.

If you are interested in the mission, please send an e-mail before 2PM on 20 January 2021 to the team of the bouwmeester maître architecte, to appel-oproep@perspective.brussels expressing your interest, motivation and experience and providing your contact details and/or those of the anticipated team (attaching no more than 1 page of A4).


Photo copyright: Séverin Malaud



Photo copyright: Séverin Malaud


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