The more the quality of a project is discussed upstream, the more this dialogue will bear fruit. Indeed, asking the BMA for its opinion just before submitting a permit application does not allow a level-headed discussion about the project. The new Brussels Regional Planning Code (CoBAT/BWRO) encourages project owners to start a discussion about architectural quality sufficiently early. This corresponds perfectly to the function of the BMA, which now has been officially established in legislation. Now, a BMA quality review must be submitted in case of a permit application for projects of particular importance.

Since 1 September 2019, the new decree stipulates in Article 11/1 that all permit applications for projects that concern a total floor area of more than 5,000 m² must include a design review by the BMA.

Alongside this review, it is always possible for project owners to apply on their own initiative for a discussion on quality with the BMA, optionally via the organisation of a Project meeting or a Quality chamber. The objectives of these are to stimulate the quality of projects, bring together in a transparent and effective manner communication which is generally dispersed, organise a professional dialogue between the architects/project owners and the authorities, coordinate the opinions of the different bodies most closely involved in the quality opinion. In this way, we can save time thanks to anticipative consultation and a coordinated working method.


How to apply for a BMA opinion in the frame of a permit application?

For projects with a total floor area of more than 5,000 m², the building permit application must contain a quality review from the BMA.
For this, the applicant must send a request by email containing the information required to assess the project properly. Therefore, the applicant must enclose with the request:

  • The permit application form;
  • An explanatory note about the project;
  • All of the plans;
  • Significant photographs.

All these documents should be sent to


How to request a Project meeting or a Quality chamber?

The Project meeting is organized by Urban and is held several times a month. The Quality chamber is organized by the BMA. The permanent members are the BMA, Urban, Bruxelles Environnement, and the aldermen and the administrations of the municipality concerned. Thus, the projects are monitored in a coordinated and transparent manner with a special focus on quality.

To request a Project meeting or a Quality chamber for your project, please contact