Mobility, air quality, safety and green spaces have become essential for Brussels citizens concerned about the quality of life in the city. Bouwmeester maître architecte shares this view and therefore published the brochure [ESPACE · PUBLIEK] in 2019.

We developed [ESPACE · PUBLIEK] in collaboration with a series of Brussels municipalities, it became a concise booklet with ten tips for a quality layout of the local street. The local street is the street where we live, where we go to the bakery, where we park our car, where we walk the dog, where we talk to the neighbour,…. Local streets make up more than half of the surface area of public space in Brussels region and thus represent a huge potential to improve the quality of life in Brussels.

The aim is to achieve a basic level of quality in the design of these local streets throughout Brussels. It counters the fragmentation of Brussels territory and aspires to group the different municipalities around a common goal.