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We have composed you a set of walking tours of recent projects so you can see for yourself how our city is changing.

In this tour of Biestebroeck, you will discover a new quarter where productive activities are combined with housing, as well as careful infill projects bringing renewal in the existing urban fabric. At the center is the Canal, since 2015 the most important area of regeneration in Brussels.

In this tour of Saint-Gilles, you will discover new public spaces and buildings in this dense and lively commune. Most of the projects result from the sustainable neighborhood contract, a tool that aims to revitalize the city in a participatory way. Together, it starts functioning as a sort of continuous chain of open spaces.

Tour & Taxis
The large Tour & Taxis site was formerly a freight station. Today, you can discover a mixed-use district with housing, offices, productive and public activities. All these programs are designed in relation to both magnificent heritage buildings and new open spaces of different sizes and uses. A park holds it all together.