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BMA, KU Leuven and CIVA put the transformation of social housing built in the XXth century on the agenda. A series of three debate evenings with commissioners, architects and other actors from the field will tackle the challenges linked to renovation: changing buildings, changing contexts, changing tempo.

After a first session on the specific and technical challenges of building renovation, a second evening on the relationship between building and neighbourhood, the final session will focus on the question how to accelerate renovation schemes. Time is of the essence. There is urgency in the renovation of these buildings and site, and there is urgency in expanding the numbers of social housing too. The point is not to mistake speed for haste, but also distinguish between prudence and procrastination. This is about feasibility studies, participation and competitive processes. Moreover, unlike demolition and reconstruction projects, existing buildings come with existing residents. This is about phasing works and moving plans. Could it also come together with a different approach on budget management? Change with a sense of continuity comes with additional and broader complexity: hopefully the condition of a more grounded architectural approach.