The Albert Demuyter sports centre, located in the Ixelles Cemetery district, between the Volta district and the railway, needs a new lease of life. It is the main sports facility in the municipality, with an ageing infrastructure that is no longer able to absorb all the activities that take place there.The municipality of Ixelles therefore wishes a new future for its sports centre in order to improve its infrastructure and make it accessible to a wider public. The task involves formulating a sustainable and coherent vision for the site, integrating the needs of users and local residents and studying the economic impact of the project.

The Architecture and Sport department of the municipality of Ixelles is therefore looking for a multidisciplinary team (architect, urban planner, designer of public space, sports and leisure expert, mobility expert, energy and technical adviser, economist, project management expert) in order to analyse the site’s spatial, programmatic and economic potential in dialogue with the users, the residents and the institutional actors. The aim: to propose a spatial strategy and a financial and operational assembly for the restructuring of the stadium, summarised in a masterplan.

The assignment consists of a fixed part (analysis, opportunity study, development scenarios, participatory process, elaboration of the master plan and the operational assembly) and a conditional part (support to the municipality during the execution period of the project).