The ambition to preserve and reactivate a social and cultural heritage site initiated the wish to renovate the former workers’ cooperative, the Maison du Peuple in Anderlecht. The organisation of its 3 spaces, the Maison du Peuple (People’s House), the Salle des Fêtes (Party Room), and the Magasin Général (General Store), around the open space aims to reconnect with its original public-oriented uses.

On the Chaussée de Mons, the Maison du Peuple will host various social activities (bar, multi-purpose hall, etc.). At the heart of the site, the Salle des Fêtes and the Magasin Général, turned to face the canal, will host productive and economic activities such as a wood and metal workshop, various spaces for enterprises and associations, and a micro-brewery. In order for these activities to be visible, the open spaces will allow for interaction with the public. The installation of ten houses completes the mission.

To implement this mixed and ambitious project, the cooperative “Anderlecht Moulart” is seeking a multi-disciplinary team. Important focal points of the project are the site’s development linked with its context and its history, the promotion of employment and local integration opportunities, and the choice of materials with a low environmental impact.
This project is part of the “Gare de l’Ouest” Urban Renovation contract and the 2017-2020 Urban Policy programme.