In Ganshoren, there is a housing complex built between the 1960s and 1980s, in the immediate vicinity of the park housing the Château de Rivieren. It is on this uncommon plot that the Brussels Social Housing Association (SLRB / BGHM) wishes to build a new residential building with approximately 97 homes and various facilities. The challenge is to integrate this new complex harmoniously into a typical modernist neighbourhood composed of blocks and towers, while enhancing the surrounding green space. The relationship between the latter and the plot should be enhanced, in particular by maintaining or improving the visual link between Van Overbeke Avenue and the park.

The contract therefore covers the construction of approximately 97 homes, 80% of which are intermediate and 20% social housing. Facilities are planned, including a 400m² crèche with 24 places, a community hall and a gymnastics or yoga room. The latter are seen as an opportunity to open the building to the outside world and, why not, to bring together different generations.

The SLRB/BGHM is therefore looking for a multidisciplinary team (architect, stability engineer, special techniques engineer, PEB advisor, health and safety coordinator), responsible for the complete study and monitoring of the works.

BUDGET: €17.019.476 Excl. VAT;
FEES: 12 % of the estimated work budget;
GRANT: € 10.000 awarded to each of the 5 teams invited and submitting a regular bid. This amount is considered a fee advance for the winner.

The bouwmeester maître architecte accompanies the procedure of the project and will take part in the selection committee and the advisory committee.

DEADLINE FOR BIDS: 11.09.2019 at 10.00