For almost ten years now, the Brussels Region has benefited from the work of a bouwmeester maître architecte (BMA). The main mission of the BMA and his team is to ensure the architectural, urban and landscape quality of Brussels. This function is now officially established in the new Brussels Spatial Planning Code.

In ten years, many tools have been developed with the main objective of stimulating projects of the highest possible quality. These tools include competitions organized by public and private actors, the establishment of an exemplary model of procurement procedure, the quality chamber to accompany projects in the preparation of permit applications, and research by design to explore scenarios and possible alternatives for projects. An international component has also been developed, with the Urban Maestro project, which aims to create a network of good practices by means of soft power mechanisms in qualitative urban development on a European scale.

As the BMA is appointed for a period of five years, the Brussels Region is launching a call for applications for the next five years.

You will find all the details of this call via this link.