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The school site in Laeken, near the canal and Tour & Taxis, consists of a block of four schools with a total of more than 15.000 pupils. The area is characterized by numerous new residential projects on the one hand and by industrial and logistic activities on the other. This mix of activities leads to a juxtaposition of schools and imposing buildings, large streets and heavy traffic.

In this urban landscape, the schools are somewhat oppressed and have very limited visibility. The School Contract programme includes the improvement and activation of the open space, which will bring added value to both the schools and the neighborhood. Playful interventions wich encourage play and sport in the public space, place the child at the centre of the experience of the city. In addition, the uniformity of the graphic design of the district aims to give the entire school site a better readability.

For the entire assignment, the City of Brussels is looking for a multidisciplinary team to create a graphic and playful identity and for the redevelopment of part of the rue de Molenbeek and the water square at the corner of the rue de Molenbeek and the rue de Drootbeek.