© Séverin Malaud


Full renovation

Built in 1889, the ‘écuries du tram’ is one of the oldest depots for trams and horses in Brussels. Located on Rubensstraat in Schaerbeek, this particularly historic building exudes character with its vaulted ceiling, elegant cast-iron columns and robust metal support structure. Remarkably, despite the ravages of time, the building is still in surprisingly good condition.

On the ground floor of this building, we find now already a thriving biomarket, a microbrewery and a café, bringing new life to this industrial heritage. The rest of the building currently lies unused.

As part of the Pogge sustainable neighbourhood contract, Beliris, in collaboration with the municipality of Schaarbeek, wants to set up a training centre for EFP and Syntra in this beautiful building, in addition to the functions already present. These two public training organizations, already active in Brussels, have plans to further expand their offerings in the north. Located in the heart of the commune of Schaerbeek, a stone’s throw from Place Colignon, the Town Hall and the Josaphat Park, the site is ideally situated between the North Station and Schaerbeek Station. A place full of potential and promise, where history and future converge.