December 6, 2018


by Sophie Gerard in Factsheet




The Brussels brewery, Brussels Beer Project, wants to set up in the Biestebroeck basin, a rapidly developing zone along the canal, and create an open and creative 21st century brewery with a capacity of 35,000 hectolitres.

This will be a bold, innovative brewery, one that embodies the heart, the epicentre and the identity of the new, booming “Port Sud” district; but it will first and foremost be a brewery that also represents the visual identity of Brussels Beer Project.

The project will also involve a technical challenge where the production cycle will have to be integrated over several storeys, strictly comply with food production standards and manage the logistical constraints, whilst also taking into account the high soil pollution levels.


The jury took place on the 26th of October 2018. Discover now the winning project by clicking the picture below:


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