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Housing and a program to be determined

“Flora” is taking place on unbuilt land next to the Marcel Thiry new district. There is a local land use plan (PPAS)  whose first phase “Flora I” has planning permission for 64 residential units. “Flora II” envisages about 14,150 m² of subsidised housing for purchase (under a long-term lease), 2,400 m² of housing managed by the CPAS and at least 300 m² with no restrictions on use. In this new project, the formula of leasehold breaks with the usual practices of the past to bring renewal, and that may also be for the architectural translation on this site in the 20th-century belt of Brussels!

In the context of a collaboration between Citydev and the CPAS (public social welfare agency) of Woluwe-Saint-Lambert, Citydev is looking for complete teams to design, build and market the new building. The teams bidding for this development contract must consist of 3 entities: a developer, a contractor and a multidisciplinary design team. The latter will be qualified to cover aspects such as architecture, stability, special techniques, landscape architecture, acoustics, management and remediation of contaminated soil, circular economy assistance and health and safety coordination.

As well as the importance of good urban integration and a functional and qualitative architectural approach, there is a firm intention to set ambitious targets in terms of energy performances, sustainability and circularity. The project must also offer the right answer to the PPAS no. 60ter “ZONE NORD – Val d’Or”.