© Séverin Malaud

The current Victoria Sports Centre is no longer sufficient to meet the needs of the sports community. The “Jacquet” sustainable district contract and the “Autour de Simonis” urban renovation contract are therefore helping the municipality of Koekelberg to increase the available surface area.

The new extension will provide additional infrastructure with an omnisports hall dedicated to basketball and volleyball, a multi-purpose hall and changing rooms. The new building must also be connected to the existing centre by a communal reception area and cafeteria to eventually create an integrated sports centre that is exemplary in terms of sustainability, reversibility, universal accessibility and inclusiveness.

The location of the new building will have to take into account current uses and the correct functioning of the communal workshop in the interior of the block and take advantage of the future development of the cycle track along line L28.

Beliris is looking for a multidisciplinary team to design the extension to the existing sports hall. The team will have to develop strategies for working in this block and giving it greater coherence and clarity while ensuring that all the activities present on the site can continue during the work.