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Housing - Shops - Facilities - Design&Build

Citydev.brussels is now launching the second phase of the Novacity project. Located between the Chaussée de Mons and the forthcoming new district of Trèfles in Anderlecht, this major project seeks to transform this part of the city and bring a new dimension to an urban fabric which is currently fragmented and not well connected to the rest of the city.

Novacity is all about a mixed programme including homes, premises for small- and medium-sized enterprise and convenience stores and facilities. The momentary association composed of Bogdan & Broeck, DDS+ and Atelier EOLE Paysagiste which was appointed for the first phase. The task is now to find a team capable of handling the second phase. It focusses on building homes, shops and facilities.

It is currently a promotion contract: the team appointed for it will include a promoter and a project manager (multi-disciplinary team: architect, stability engineer, special techniques engineer, acoustician, PEB advisor, health and safety co-ordinator, landscape architect and contaminated ground clean-up manager) and a contractor.