Changing buildings, changing contexts, changing tempo

CIVA, KU Leuven and BMA put the transformation of social housing built in the XXth century on the agenda. In the coming months, a series of three debates with clients, architects and other actors from the field will tackle the challenges linked to renovation: changing buildings, changing contexts, changing tempo.

In recent years and months, several social housing renovation projects have been launched in Brussels. BMA is closely involved in many of these projects. This academic year, KU Leuven also started a studio – under the title Real Life Brussels – which specifically focuses on the challenges faced by clients and designers.

Existing social housing buildings are at a tipping point: the life cycle of various materials is coming to an end, the integration of housing into the urban fabric needs to be reviewed, the habitability and functionality of the buildings, but also the involvement of residents deserve a broader reflection. All this through an accelerated but thoughtful approach.

On 23 June, Archipelago, OFFICEU, Karbon and Ceraa asbl will focus on the building-specific and technical challenges of renovation. The venue is the former child care centre on the 13th floor of a residential building in the Cité de la Philanthropie in the Marolles. A feasibility study was recently launched for this site through a competition organised by BMA, which will also be explained.