(c) Séverin Malaud
In 1874, François Toby established an industrial dry cleaning business at 42, Chaussée de Tervuren, which has since become Rue Louis Hap, in Etterbeek. By 1951, after 100 years in existence, the company, whose premises cover over one hectare between Chaussée de Wavre, Rue Louis Hap and Chaussée Saint-Pierre, was employing over three hundred people who would clean, remove stains from and iron more than 5,000 pieces of fabric and handle 3,000 m² of carpet on a daily basis.

Nowadays, the site is owned by the municipality of Etterbeek. It is spread over several buildings, including municipal workshops and storage. The complex has some space which could be put to better use and is in a very poor state of repair; there are also parts which need to be demolished for safety reasons.

The owner’s ambition is to ensure the site all of the architectural and urban qualities necessary for completely safely hosting the communal workshops and somewhere new for the municipality’s CPAS’ Espace Libellule including a subsidised clothing store and subsidised grocery shop. The different functions and activities to take place there must cohabit with each other and be appropriate to the site. The project is also intended to epitomise sustainability and circularity.

The contract focusses on an all-inclusive project manager’s mission to redevelop the site. Reorganising the workshops is the task of the municipality, yet Beliris is responsible for providing the Espace Libellule.