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The Community Land Trust Brussels (CLTB), an innovative player in the field of housing, wishes to develop a housing complex and a collective garden on the edge of the new Parc de la Senne, as well as a local base for wardens of the neighboring park. For this project, CLTB is partnering with Brussels Environment to develop a mixed project to promote synergies between functions, opportunities for living together, quality of the public spaces, landscape integration in relation with the biodiversity and excellence in terms of sustainability around the 9 themes of the Brussels Environment Sustainable Building Guide, particularly in the circular economy.

CLTB, as agent for this joint contract, is therefore looking for a multidisciplinary team for a complete architectural mission involving the construction of a 14-unit collective housing complex, a collective garden and a local base for park wardens. The site is located at chaussée d’Anvers 413-417.