© Séverin Malaud


The anderlecht titan

The imposing silhouette of the Atlas Brewery tower dominates the Anderlecht skyline, but it represents only part of the vast brewery redevelopment project being undertaken by B&R Development and LIFE. These two developers are joining forces to imagine a future for the entire site, located near the Cureghem bridge. This project includes not only the tower, but also the buildings on Rue du Libre Examen and Rue de l’Aiguille.

The project involves renovating and converting these buildings to accommodate public facilities and housing. The ambition is to build a place that is truly integrated into the neighbourhood, shaped as much by its architecture as by its community. The enhancement of existing buildings, the vibrancy generated by new functions and the diversity of housing will be at the heart of the project from the outset. With this in mind, the housing to be created covers a wide variety of typologies in order to take account of the characteristics of the buildings while at the same time suiting different resident profiles. The emergence of new forms of housing is also envisaged. A public amenity will also be integrated on the site.

So the developers are looking for a team of architects to take on this task. The team will complement with architectural expertise a series of technical offices. It will have to demonstrate its complete mastery of this assignment, in particular its strong affinity for the conversion of large-scale heritage buildings on the one hand, and its ability to design vibrant, diverse and sustainable spaces on the other.