(c) Séverin Malaud


Public Space

Numerous ideas have already been thought up, written down, desired and planned for the Beekkant site. It is now time, under the action of the Urban Renovation Contract (CRU) for the Gare de l’Ouest, to transform these thoughts into concrete actions, and this has to be done within a tight timeframe. The municipality of Molenbeek is therefore coming on board, and has decided to broaden the scope of intervention on this complex site. It is now launching a contract for the complete redevelopment of the Place Beekkant.

The goal of this redevelopment is twofold. The square is an important esplanade for the metro station, but also for the footbridge over the Gare de l’Ouest, which will be a strategic access point linking the upper part of Molenbeek and the future park. In addition to its function as an esplanade, the square is also a neighbourhood meeting place, used for relaxing, playing and taking a stroll.  Both functions are in use today, but neither in a top-quality way.  The square is unattractive and not safe enough as far as mobility is concerned, especially as regards the crossing from the bus to the metro. In order to improve this, the municipality is looking for a team with a wide range of expertise.

The following expertise is sought:

  • Architecture and town planning expertise in order to be able to deal creatively with the bus station and make it a welcoming public space
  • Landscape expertise to give the square an attractive green character.
  • Hydraulic management expertise, essential to make this place resilient to climate change.

An inventory of materials that can be reused in the redevelopment is also required. Finally, a participatory process should be carried out with the residents and users of the area, paying particular attention to gender equality.