Revitalisation of the city block

The Contrat d’Axe Contrat d’Ilot or CACI is the latest instrument for Urban Renovation. The CACI intervenes at a micro-local level on a city block or an axis to implement the following themes: de-densification, desealing, requalification of buildings, intensification of uses, support for productive and commercial activities.

The Courtai-Ostende block in Molenbeek-Saint-Jean has been selected for a CACI. This city block is located in an area that is already the subject of several revitalisation programmes: the “Etangs Noirs” Sustainable Neighbourhood Contract, the “Autour de Simonis” Urban Renovation Contract and the “La Rose des Vents” School Contract.

One of the main challenges of the redevelopment of the block is to enforce the green network by improving the interior open space and its surroundings. The aim is to make it part of a continuum of open and green public spaces, from the Place des Etangs Noirs to the Parc de la Fonderie and the Porte de Ninove. This new north-south axis is also the opportunity to make a regional green spaces network such as the future Sennette Park or Line 28.

A second challenge of the CACI is to promote the 15-minute city thanks to the numerous facilities that will be created.

The team  will have to pay a particular attention to mobilize inhabitants in a participatory process, while being aware of the many recent or ongoing participatory processes. The diagnoses, studies and participation processes already carried out within the framework of these plans will be used to make the most of all the available data.

The objective of the mission is to define a revitalization program for the block. The contract includes a fixed part and two conditional parts that will be activated as needed.

The fixed part includes three missions that will be carried out in parallel:

  • Mission 1: The elaboration of a draft Axis Contract and Block Contract, including a diagnostic phase, a phase of issues, vision and key operations and a final phase for the elaboration of the basic programme of the CACI
  • Mission 2: The organisation of participation throughout the study year
  • Mission 3: The creation of a graphic identity

A 1st conditional part includes the elaboration of the possible modification(s) of the basic programme.
A 2nd conditional part includes the coordination and assistance of the citizens in the framework of the process linked to a participatory – cooperative budget.

An RIE is not required for this mission.

The municipality of Molenbeek-Saint-Jean is looking for a team to define a basic program to be finalized by 29 August 2023.


  • Architect – Urbanist
  • Environmental expert
  • EPB technical expert
  • Sociological/participation expert


  • Quality of the vision note on the associated perimeter (30%)
  • Quality of the methodology note (40%)
  • Ability to propose an attractive and accessible graphic identity (15%)
  • Degree of detail and breakdown of the fixed price (15%)


  • Invitation to submit a tender: 03.02.2023
  • Site visit and briefing: 07.02.2023
  • Submission of tenders: 03.03.2023
  • Presentation of tenders to the jury: 10.03.2023
  • Award of contract and start of the mission: April 2023


The breakdown of the fees is as follows:

  • Firm part: € 87,809.92 excluding VAT
  • Conditional part 1: € 5.000 excl. VAT
  • Conditional part 2: € 20.000 excl. VAT

For this mission, a grant of € 1.500 will be awarded to each team invited to tender that submits a regular bid but is not finally selected. The bid consists in a vision, methodology, graphic identity note and fixed price breakdown (14 A4 pages).

If you are interested, we invite you to send an e-mail, before 16.01.2023 at 2 PM, to bouwmeester maître architecte at appel-oproep@bma.brussels, showing your interest, motivation and experience, and giving your contact details and/or those of the planned team (on a maximum of one attached A4 sheet).