The Bordet area, in the northeast of the city, is a patchwork of monofunctional zones created by successive layers of urbanisation. Bordet suffers from a lack of coherence and identity, spatial quality and attractiveness. In short, the environment has very little urban character.
The future new metro line which will quickly and directly connect Bordet with the city centre requires the site to evolve from a mere infrastructural and suburban space with outdated business parks to a new centrality with metropolitan allure. Bordet must develop a new urban identity with a coherent public space and with room for condensation and interweaving between urban activity, housing and public facilities.

In this context, the Strategy Department of perspective.brussels is looking for a multidisciplinary team that can draw up the Masterplan (Plan d’Aménagement Directeur in French) for the large perimeter of Bordet. The assignment comprises the drawing up of a strategic spatial framework within which the Bordet area as a whole can, in the long term, be transformed into a new urban place and centre within the polycentric model of the urban fabric of Brussels.


The mission consists of 2 parts:
•  Part 1: Developing a global strategic vision (inventory and vision);
•  Part 2: Drawing up a regulatory section (draft PAD up to and including definitive PAD).
The preparation of the RIE/MER will take place at the same time as this study, but is part of a separate call for tenders.

The minimum skills required are as follows:
•  Urban design
•  Landscape design
•  Mobility
•  Inhabitants expertise / participation

The team must demonstrate its experience in spatial planning practice in the Brussels-Capital Region. It must be able to write legally valid urban planning regulations and estimate the economic feasibility of its spatial proposals.

•  Week of 25 November: 3 to 5 teams are invited to submit a bid;
•  5 December: information session for the invited teams;
•  15 January: submission of bids (team note, vision note, methodological note);
•  24 January 2020: oral presentation of the tenders to the Advisory Committee;
•  February 2020: assignment and start of the mission

•  Vision (40%)
•  Methodology (35%)
•  Price (25%)


FEES: The target price of the assignment is a maximum of 130,000 euros excluding VAT;
GRANT: 3,000 euros awarded to each of the 2 to 4 teams that submitted a regular bid and having obtained half of the points.

If you are interested in the mission, we invite you to send an e-mail before 14 November at 12 noon to the bouwmeester master architect team via appel-oproep@perspective.brussels indicating your interest, motivation and experience/competences and indicating your contact details and/or those of the proposed team (on a maximum of 1 A4 page in annex)

The bouwmeester maître architecte accompanies the procedure of the project and will take part in the advisory committee.