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The Forêt de Soignes is the most important green space in the Brussels-Capital Region, with an exceptional flora and fauna for an urban forest. Because of its size and attractiveness, the forest requires intensive management. Indeed, the leisure activities that take place there, as well as climate change, put a strong pressure on this particular ecosystem. Brussels Environnement, which is responsible for the management and upkeep of the forest, has 2 forest brigades for this purpose. A new building has recently been constructed for the first forest brigade. It is now time to build a second one.

Situated near the beginning of the E411 freeway, on the edge of the Herrmann-Debroux viaduct, the staff of the forestry brigade are currently working in several temporary structures that have been developed organically. Access to the site, which is either in pedestrian mode via the Chaussée de Wavre or in vehicle mode via the forest, is not ideal in its current state. Through this project, Brussels Environnement wishes to create a forest brigade designed to improve the working conditions of the field staff and thus provide them with adequate equipment adapted to their different functions and professions, all equipped with a legible and clear entrance that takes into account the sensitive context, the forest being classified and part of the Natura 2000 zone.

Brussels Environnement is therefore looking for a multidisciplinary team (architect, landscape architect, ecologist, stability engineer, special techniques, BEP and health and safety coordination) which will pay particular attention to exemplary sustainable design and implementation, the impact on the landscape and the existing environment as well as the accessibility of the site. The team must also be able to carry out an appropriate Natura 2000 assessment.