With the first phase already completed, a second under construction and a third phase for which the competition was successfully concluded last summer, Atenor is now launching the final tender phase for its CITY DOX project at Biestebroeck. This call concerns the submission of a detailed architectural and functional study for a mixed block combining a higher secondary school, retail and housing.

The urban planning context is as follows: the plot is located in an urban enterprise zone (ZEMU) and within the scope of the Canal Plan and the local land use plan (PPAS) for Biestebroeck. It is also the subject of an allotment permit and an application for planning permission for the construction of all the public spaces on the site. For this last piece of the puzzle, the question is complex and multidimensional, it requires a specific and innovative answer.

This contract is divided into a definite part (lot 7.1) and a conditional part (lot 7.2) regarding the construction of a school. However, in order to ensure urban and architectural coherence and to enoucrage shared use and the harmounious coexistence between the programmes, we stress the importance of a common design for the two lots. Particular attention will be paid to exemplary sustainability credentials. The project will have to be approached with due consideration for shared use and reversibility.

Atenor wishes to appoint an architect (or a group of architects) for a full architectural project for lot 7.1.

BUDGET: Definite part (lots 7.1) : 12,000,000 euros not including VAT.
Conditional part (lot 7.2) : 8,955,000 euros not including VAT.
FEES: the fees for the definite part are set at 5.5% of the total cost of the works.
GRANT: 10,000 euros awarded to each 3 to 4 teams invited to tender who have submitted a regular bid. For the winner(s), this amount is considered as a retainer.

The bouwmeester maître architecte accompanies the procedure of the project and will take part in the selection committee and the advisory committee.

DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSIONS: 09.04.2020 at 12:00 PM

Atenor is not subject to the law on the use of languages. The contract documents are therefore only available in French. However, the documents may be submitted in both languages.


Photo credit: Séverin Malaud