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CQD 11

Sustainable neighborhood contract

Three new sustainable district contracts again this year. A tight schedule but passionate imperatives and the opportunity to devise major projects for the district and see them bear fruit, in this era of the pandemic.

1.    Heliport – Antwerp in Ville de Bruxelles
The perimeter proposed by the City of Brussels is located in the Northern Quarter, a district which is changing rapidly. Here, the City would like to reinforce and complement current urban dynamics in the territory of the Canal and Maximilien-Vergote districts. At the same time, it is expressing real ambitions in environmental terms, so that the district becomes a hotspot for the circular economy and in the future, a positive energy district.

2.    Jacquet in Koekelberg
Served by railway line L28 and boulevard Léopold II, the perimeter of this CQD is centred on rue Jean Jacquet. The municipality identifies a series of property opportunities for pursuing revitalisation projects and synergies to be found with the CRU ‘Autour de Simonis’, especially in terms of public spaces and green spaces.

3.    Étangs Noirs in Molenbeek-Saint-Jean 
The district of Étangs Noirs is typical of the municipality of Molenbeek-Saint-Jean. It alone poses a multitude of issues inherent to the municipality and has a bad reputation. Resources in the CQD must allow the change necessary to restore the attractiveness of this popular district by focussing on the dynamism of the associations found in the territory to rise to the specific challenges of youth.

So the City of Brussels, the community of Koekelberg and the municipality of Molenbeek-Saint-Jean are in search of teams to devise the basic scheme and produce an environmental impact report within the timeframes and as indicated in the Order dated 6 October 2016.
Each team may apply for one, two or all three CQDs.


  • Architect – Urbanist
  • Experience in programming
  • Experience in participation
  • Skills to produce a satisfactory environmental impact report
  • Quality of the score for district vision 40%
  • Quality of the score for method 50%
  • Ability to summarise scheme operations and actions 10%
  • For each of these 3 contracts, fees are set at about €105,000 net of VAT (schedule and EIR)
  • The contracts must be assigned in early 2021
  • For each of the 3 contracts, disbursements of €1,500 will be allocated to each team invited to bid which submitted a consistent tender based on award criteria but not selected.

If you are interested in the mission, please e-mail, before noon on 19 November the team of the bouwmeester maitre architecte at expressing your interest, motivation and experience and providing your contact details and/or those of the team anticipated (attaching no more than 1 page of A4). Please complete a separate, specific sheet of A4 for each CQD in which you are interested.The bouwmeester maître architecte accompany this assignment and will take part in the jury.