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On the left bank of the canal, close to Boulevard Paepsem in Anderlecht, two plots neighbouring the Tondeur Diffusion site will be accommodating a new programme. Indeed, there is a masterplan for the Deleers site, earmarked as part of ZEMU and covering the area between Rue Walcourt and Quai de Biestebroeck. This masterplan aims to establish on an axis running perpendicular to the canal, on one side a school campus with two schools (primary and secondary) and a nursery (part 1) and, on the other, housing on a socle of productive activities (parts 2 and 3).

As designers of the masterplan, SMAK architects will take charge of part 1. The project developer Kairos is looking for two other architects to join the team and take on parts 2 and 3 respectively. The timing is tight, as the permit application for all three parts of the masterplan must be filed no later than April 2021 allowing the schools to be operational for the new academic year in 2024.

Further to the application phase, 3 to 5 teams per part will be invited for an interview during which they should share their vision on the following two issues. On the one hand, which elements do they believe will help in enhancing the existing masterplan? On the other hand, in a (post-)covid-19 context, how to use their inventiveness while elaborating this project in exploring solutions to the impact of quarantine  in order to improve the quality of life in (affordable) housing?

This procedure therefore focuses on selecting an architect rather than a specific project at this stage.
• Applications: 28.10.2020 at 12.00 AM
• Selection: 09.11.2020
• Interview:  23.11.2020 PM (part 2) and 27.11.2020 PM (part 3)
• Assignment and start of the mission: 01.12.2020
• Permit application: 31.04.2021
• Project realisation: 15.12.2024