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While the former barracks of Ixelles are being converted into an international university complex and a new district, the time has come to upcycle the former Federal Police housing units and unlock their potential.

This residential building, currently used for temporary occupancy, is located at Boulevard Général Jacques 202 and extends along rue Wytsman to rue Toussaint. Only half of the site is part of the mission, which involves the major renovation of 61 dwellings without modifying the existing typologies.

Based on an inventory of reused materials and a deconstruction test, the SLRB is determined to favour a project that opts for an exemplary circular economy approach. That is why the multidisciplinary team we are looking for, including a consultant in circular economy, can prioritise the following: the maintenance of materials, the reuse of materials on site and the supply of reuse materials as well as the valorisation of existing materials in the reuse channels.

In addition, during the phase of the competition design, a TOTEM simulation of one or more apartments will be requested from the selected teams.

With sustainability at the centre throughout the project’s development, the teams will organise their reflection by following the 9 sustainability themes developed by the SLRB and inspired by the Brussels Sustainable Neighbourhood Reference Framework.