The Sustainable Neighbourhood Contract “Peterbos”, put in place by the municipality of Anderlecht and supported by the Brussels Region, has already started to carry out studies for public spaces and the development of sports and community facilities in the Peterbos neighbourhood. The plan also includes a kindergarten. This centre will be built at the foot of one of the highest towers on the site, the Peterbos 16 tower. Despite the presence of many housing units in Peterbos, there are currently no local childcare facilities. That is why the municipality wants to build a childcare centre with space for forty-nine children.

The project is also a great opportunity to bring public spaces back into use and re-organise flows around the bottom of tower 16. The block’s ground floor is problematic from an urban perspective. The esplanade, which serves as an entrance to the housing block, has been abandoned, and its topography prevents it from being properly used, creating spaces where a feeling of insecurity exists. To achieve overall coherence, the winning team will need to take into account the masterplan for the redevelopment of public spaces, currently under study, as well as the ongoing Peterbos 16 renovation works.

The project includes architectural design (including engineering) and interior design (including furniture). The local authority wishes to use a BIM process for this project. It will also put in place a system for informing and consulting with local residents, which the winning team will support.

BUDGET: €1.710.000 excluding VAT.
FEES: The fees have been set at €192.900, or 11,2% of the estimated amount of the works.
GRANT: €3.500 (VAT incl.) for each of the teams invited and submitting a regular estimate. For the prize-winner, this amount is considered as a fee advance.

The bouwmeester maître architecte accompanies the procedure of the project and will take part in the selection committee and the advisory committee.

SUBMISSION DEADLINE : 29.04.2020 at 11.30


Copyright: Séverin Malaud