(c) Séverin Malaud

A great institution on the alternative scene, Magasin 4 will soon have new premises from which to continue to provide us with the very best of underground music. The site chosen is located near the canal, on an unoccupied plot on the corner of Avenue du Port and rue de l’Entrepôt. The challenge will be to blend this concert hall programme with a productive and industrial context, at the same time offering optimum conditions for future artists who will be hosted there.As the program for the project may change, special care will be taken to adopt a rigorous approach to circularity principles: project adaptability, flexibility and reversibility, and minimising the carbon footprint, especially when choosing materials, …

Moreover, the project will focus on the intentions of the “Citroën – Vergote” Urban Regeneration Scheme. So the project manager will implement a co-creation process with proactive participation of the different players concerned: the City of Brussels as the future owner of the new building, Société d’Aménagement Urbain (SAU) which is steering the project and the occupant of the hall, Magasin 4.

The building will use “casco” construction, or have an enclosed structure. Finishes (kitchens and bathrooms, floor, ceiling and wall coverings) do not fall within the scope of the contract and will be dealt with later by the building’s occupant. No more does the cost of the works cover works to landscape the grounds.

SAU is seeking a team for the entire task of project management to design and build facilities including a concert hall, soundproofed relax room and facilities, plus areas not accessible to the public (backstage, bar, storage, bedrooms, offices…) and design the grounds (logistics and tour bus parking, spectators’ waiting area, bike facilities).

The following minimum skills are sought:
•    Architecture;
•    Stability engineering;
•    Special techniques engineering and PEB;
•    Health and safety coordination ;
•    Acoustic skills;
•    Sustainable development skills.

•  Week of 7 December 2020: 3 to 5 teams will be invited to bid;
•  8 February 2021: bid submission;
•  End February 2021: presentation of bids to the advisory committees;
•  April 2021: contract award and start of the mission.

•  Urbanity (20%)
•  Habitability (30%)
•  Technicality (35%)
•  Feasibility (15%)

If you are interested in the mission, please e-mail, before noon on 23 November the team of the site manager and master architect at appel-oproep@perspective.brussels expressing your interest, motivation and experience and providing your contact details and/or those of the team anticipated (attaching no more than 1 page of A4)