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The Magritte neighbourhood in Jette that developed around Jules Lahaye and Esseghem streets is secluded between municipal boundaries, infrastructures, and large boulevards. The Magritte Sustainable Neighbourhood Contract, therefore, aims to resolve this situation by reconnecting the three hubs identified during the analysis of the site. This tender focuses on the “pivotal” hub, central area for meetings, and exchange between different types of the society that inhabit the district.

The flagship project of the Neighbourhood Contract includes the construction of a community centre and a social diversity centre within the “pivotal” hub, for which a new tender procedure was recently set up. This new tender concerns the second part of the project, inviting to conceive mixed facilities, consisting of a kinder garden for 21 children and a centre for social cohesion (Maison de Quartier). The Neighbourhood Centre is planned to be organised around a convivial public garden, aiming to open up for the collective and intergenerational public in order to create new synergies.

The project site is located on the 2 Esseghem street (that is currently in ruins) and on the neighbouring plot.

The Commune of Jette is looking for a team to fully cover the complete mission of the project that includes the design and implementation of the kinder garden and neighburhood centre (Maison de Quartier). As the project mission makes part of the Sustainable Neighbourhood Contract, particular attention will be paid to the rigorous consideration of sustainability, citizen integration, social cohesion, and the exemplary nature of the project. The project team will also be required to integrate the participatory framework methods, specific to the Neighbourhood Contracts, into their approach. The minimum skills required are as follows:

The minimum skills required are as follows:
– Architectural skills;
– Landscape architecture skills;
– Stability skills;
– Building services engineering and EPC skills;
– Acoustical engineering skills ;
– Sustainable development skills;
– Participation skills.

– Around 30 September: 3 to 5 teams will be invited to submit a tender;
– Between 6 and 15 October: site visit and information session;
– Around 23 November: submission of tenders;
– Early December: submission of tenders to the Advisory Committee;
– January 2021: awarding and start of the mission.

– The quality of the urban planning approach
– Quality of liveability
– The quality of the technical note
– Feasibility
– The quality of participatory methodology

If you are interested in applying for this tender, we invite you to send an e-mail, before the 16th of September, 2pm (Brussels time), to the bouwmeester maître architecte at appel-oproep@perspective.brussels, showing your interest, motivation, and experience, and providing the contact details of the team partners (on a maximum of one attached A4 sheet).