The Wiels district is in full swing. The Brussels-Capital Region recently announced that it is willing to purchase the land on which the Wiels marsh is located in order to carry out a mixed project that combines new housing and public spaces in order to preserve the marshland’s biodiversity. New footpaths and cycle paths will also be built. Through this call, a first public space project is being launched on behalf of Beliris!

Along the avenue Van Volxem, there is a large wooden fence between the Wiels contemporary art centre and the cultural centre of the municipality of Forest Brass. Behind this wooden fence a collective vegetable garden and a meeting place for local residents can be discovered, right next to the now well-known marshland. This residual area, which bears witness to the former railway and industrial activity in the district, is being transformed into a new local centrality. The aim: to open up the northern neighbourhoods of Forest and make the nearby public facilities accessible. The redevelopment project for this site should more clearly mark the presence of the two cultural facilities (Wiels and Brass), offer an alternative route for active mobility and at the same time focus on sustainable development, among other things by creating a green space and managing rainwater in relation to the nearby marshland.

The project is part of the Urban Renewal Contract CRU4 “Avenue du Rue/Koningslaan” and comprises several parts:
– A firm part relating to the redevelopment of the site between Wiels and Brass, namely the construction of the southern entrance to the parc de l’Avant-Senne/VoorZenne park, a new public space;
– A first conditional part relating to the construction of a pedestrian and cycle path along the railway line that will create a link between the future Léon Wielemans Park and the South Station;
– A second conditional part relating to the creation of a passage under the tracks that will make it possible to connect the future Léon Wielemans Park to the park between Divercity and the future school De Puzzel.

Beliris is therefore looking for a multidisciplinary team (hydrologist, architect/urbanist, landscape architect, stability engineer) to carry out this assignment.

– For the firm part: the amount of the works is 904.000 € incl. VAT and the fees are 9% of the amount of the works;
– For the first conditional part: the amount of the works is 1,566,000 € incl. VAT and the fees are 9% of the amount of the works;
– For the second conditional part: the amount of the works is 1.848.000 € incl. VAT and the fees are 13% of the amount of the works.
GRANT: 5,000 € will be assigned to all teams invited to tender that have submitted a regular and complete offer and have obtained at least 50% of the points.

The bouwmeester maître architecte accompanies the procurement procedure and will take part in the selection committee and the advisory committee.

A corrigendum will shortly be published in the contract documents, which postpones the date for submitting applications to 01.09.2020.


Photo copyright: Séverin Malaud