In order to give members of the public with associative or entrepreneurial projects their rightful place, the Municipality of Forest wishes to make facilities available to them in which they can realise their initiatives. In an environment, which is already culturally dynamic, in the immediate vicinity of WIELS and BRASS, the aim of the facility is to support, enhance and boost creativity and entrepreneurship among local citizens. In addition, the nearby Place Léon Wielemans will soon be the subject of a study, in order to give this area a centralised local role.

This mission, organised by the Municipality of Forest, is part of the objective to carry out a global reflection on the group of municipal buildings situated at 1 to 11, Avenue Wielemans Ceuppens, and a project to rehabilitate buildings situated at 1 to 7, Avenue Wielemans Ceuppens.

The first part of the initiative aims to launch an urban design study to explore the physical links between the various buildings owned by the Municipality of Forest, with the aim of creating a coherent municipal centre in the future.
The second part of the mission involves creating a space which is available for all citizen initiatives and two shops relating to facilities of collective interest.

The design team is expected to pay particular attention to enhancing what is already there, repurposing the site in line with its context, a circular approach in the design and implementation, as well as exemplary rainwater management.