The post-war heritage of public service real estate companies (SISP) has reached a turning point: the life cycle of various materials and buildings is coming to an end, the integration of housing into the urban fabric needs to be reviewed, the interaction with public space and the location of parking spaces deserve wider consideration, etc.

In collaboration with the SLRB, several feasibility studies are therefore being launched with a view to renovating this heritage. Issues such as housing quality, insulation of the building shell, fire safety, reuse of materials, local energy production and the greening of outdoor spaces are central to this approach. For each of the missions below, we are looking for a team of architects, stability engineers and engineers in special techniques capable of studying the technical and programmatic potential of the different sites as well as their economic feasibility. On the basis of an in-depth analysis, different redevelopment scenarios will be proposed and then assessed by the project owner, who will refine them and have them carried out through a follow-up mission.

Find out more below about three calls that concern three social housing projects with different situations and scales. One and the same date has been set for responding to these three calls for tender: 20.08.2020 at 12:00. You may respond to one, two or all three tenders. Attention: the call concerning the rue du Moulin in Saint-Josse is an expression of interest. The conditions for response are therefore different.


Mahatma Ghandi Avenue has five residential buildings built between 1960 and 1973. Several problems arise: the complex creates a break in scale with the surrounding relatively dense residential area, the open space has no clear hierarchy and lacks quality, and the complex is in very poor condition and no longer meets current requirements in terms of habitability and accessibility. Le Logement Molenbeekois would like to study the possibility of densifying , which would create a greater mix of functions and types of housing. The scenario for redevelopment of the site will be decided on the basis of the study launched here and on the basis of which it should be possible to decide on the best option to be developed.

FEES: The total amount for fees is set at EUR 130.000 excluding VAT.
GRANT:EUR. 4,000 awarded to each of the non-retained teams that submitted a regular bid and that obtains half of the points on the basis of the award criteria.




Dating from the early 1960s, the De Roovere – Machtens building complex, located just around the corner from the Gare de l’Ouest station, represents a real challenge for its renovation. Composed of about ten buildings and with a little less than 500 homes, this part of the city has a number of qualities but also defects for which different approaches must be devised in order to prioritise future actions. In fact, there is a break between the front of the building, which is of reasonable quality, and the rear, which is mainly made up of car parks and leads to the wasteland of the Gare de l’Ouest station. In addition, these projects are mostly composed of small housing units in a context where larger units would be desirable. Finally, many water infiltration problems are currently being studied and will need to be addressed in future redevelopment scenarios. The whole renovation strategy  will have to be designed in consultation with the inhabitants of the complex.

FEES: The total amount for fees is set at EUR 165,000 excluding VAT.
GRANT: EUR 4,000 awarded to each of the non-retained teams that submitted a regular bid and that obtains half of the points on the basis of the award criteria.




Due to its location and its atypical size in the neighborhood, the building appears as a signal in its environment and has a strong presence. The complex has a certain architectural interest which deserves at least a reflection in relation to its future renovation. While some elements, mainly technical, have been replaced and/or renovated in recent years or will be replaced or renovated in the near future, the building envelope is now outdated and the energy performance is very low or even non-existent.  Moreover, the base of the building, surrounded by railings, is out of touch with its environment, the garage entrances are located at the back and the immediate environment is very mineral, not doing justice to the building’s potential. In addition, the roof could be used for the resident’s benefit. Here again, the aim is therefore to develop a series of scenarios setting out the priorities for actions to be taken.

This is a call for  interest. The timing of the operations will therefore be faster than for the two previous calls for tender. If you are interested in the mission, we would ask you to send an email before 20 August 2020 at noon to the bouwmeester maître architecte team at expressing your interest, motivation and experience/competence and indicating your contact details and/or those of the proposed team (on a maximum of 1 A4 page attached).

– Week of 24 August 2020: 3 to 5 teams will be invited to submit a tender
– 9 September 2020: visit + information session for invited teams;
– 6 October 2020: submission of tenders (working method, understanding of the mission);
– 20 October 2020: submission of tenders to the Advisory Committee;
– November 2020: awarding and start of the mission.

– Quality of the working method (50%)
– Comprehension of the mission (50%)

FEES: The fees for the mission are set at EUR 50,000 excluding VAT;
GRANT: EUR 1,000 awarded to each of the 2 to 4 teams invited to tender who have submitted a regular bid.