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Research: we are seeking public or private organizations that own land or buildings and are interested in exploring the possibility of cooperative housing for these properties.

Behind the scenes, BMA has conducted exploratory interviews to identify the potential of several vacant lands owned by public authorities in the Brussels Region. Through this newsletter, we aim to broaden our scope and reach out to all other owners of land or buildings in Brussels concerned about housing accessibility. If you are interested in the potential use of a property for cooperative living, your contribution will help us gain a more comprehensive understanding!

In the coming months – through targeted guidance, technical and legal experts, and open dialogue with Brussels-based housing cooperatives in development – we plan to explore the feasibility of several concrete pilot projects. The goal of each pilot project is to create added social value for the involved owners, in the form of a hight-quality architectural project with balanced social mix. In this scenario, the housing cooperative takes charge of project development and financing.

Do you have a site or building you’d like to explore for a cooperative housing project? Would you like to contribute to the growth of the cooperative housing model in Brussels? Then contact us for a first discussion before March 27th at : info@bma.brussels.

By 2024, BMA aims to advance cooperative housing as a sustainable alternative to traditional rental and ownership models, potentially becoming a third pillar for housing in Brussels alongside public and private projects.