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In 2024, BMA aims to push forward cooperative housing. The cooperative housing model represents a sustainable alternative to traditional rental and purchase models, and can become a third pillar alongside public and private housing projects in Brussels. The collective scale and community building add special value to housing cooperatives, invariably producing architecture with personality.

A renewed interest in cooperative housing is emerging across Europe. In cities such as Barcelona, Amsterdam, Munich, Geneva, and Zurich, citizens are joining forces, and governments are developing policies to encourage this type of housing. These examples illustrate how collaboration can foster the creation of more affordable housing.

The key to success lies in a housing policy that also encompasses cooperatives. Proper land planning also plays an essential role, with the use of land owned by public entities as a key to realizing projects. Easier access to financial institutions constitutes a third crucial cornerstone, including bank guarantees, long-term loans, and agreements between governments and cooperatives, necessary to launch projects.

In Brussels, affordable housing is also a top priority, and cooperative housing is gaining increasing support. BMA actively supports various organizations looking to take action in this regard in Brussels. A first series of activities is scheduled for next week: