(c) Séverin Malaud

The Magritte Sustainable Neighbourhood Contract takes yet another step forwards. This time, the job involves the public spaces on the Esseghem, next to Jette cemetery, between Boulevard de Smet de Nayer, the railway and Rue Jules Lahaye. The site’s potential was noted during the Neighbourhood Contract diagnosis period: it is now clear that it is essential to renovate and upgrade these public spaces!

The tender aims, on one hand, to deliver a master plan offering a global vision of the public spaces and, on the other, a work mission.

The project aims to improve access to the site and open up the neighbourhood, enhance spaces for soft mobility, reduce space taken up by parking, improve the readability of the space and provide welcoming, green and safe public spaces.
Among the project’s many ambitions, particular attention should be paid to sustainability, civic integration, social cohesion and sharing best practice.

The municipality of Jette is seeking a multidisciplinary team to take on all aspects of this redevelopment project, from designing the public spaces to overseeing the works on the Esseghem site. The team must root its approach in a process of participation and co-construction with the different stakeholders.