June 7, 2018


by Sophie Gerard in Factsheet




PANDOX AB is a Swedish company that specialises in the hotel sector and is the owner of Crowne Plaza Brussels – Le Palace, located in Place Rogier. They want to expand the hotel onto the adjacent plot, which has been empty for years and features high blind walls.

The goal is simple, but there are various challenges. The potential surface area of the extension is actually limited by the very rules of urban planning. The metro tunnel that passes under the plot would require specific technical solutions since the project that Pandox wants to run is intricate and includes a 600m² conference room. It ultimately comes down to dealing with the old, neighbouring hotel Le Palace, a major work of Art Nouveau by Antoine Pompe and Adhémar Lener, all while creating a design that is reflective of that period.
The plot owner wants a work that is coherent both in terms of urban development and architecture, a prestigious hotel with undeniable spatial qualities.

The jury took place on the 19th of April 2018. Discover now the winning project by clicking the picture below:

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