July 17, 2018


by Sophie Gerard in Factsheet




Lebeau: a complex project in a flagship area of the city. Many issues come into play here: how should a new building fit into Le Sablon? How could the project contribute to the quality of urban life, beyond the objective of good dwellings? How will it act as a reinforced link between the upper part and the lower part of Brussels? The real estate developper Immobel has launched a call for designers to answer these questions in a subtle manner. He or she will have to embrace the singular features of an exceptional place and turn them into truly urban qualities.

This is about redeveloping the block between Rue Lebeau, Rue de la Paille and Rue de Ruysbroeck into a 41,500 sqm mix-used project with housing, offices and retail. This is a unique opportunity to redesign an important part of Le Sablon, a highly characteristic district of downtown Brussels.


The jury took place on the 5th of July 2018. Discover now the winning project by clicking the picture below:


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