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Faisability study - Social Housing

In the heart of the district of Marolles, the “Haute” site, a large post-war complex of social housing belonging to Logement Bruxellois, deserves to be

completely refurbished both in terms of its housing and its public spaces, its surroundings and its parking.  In fact, the site, not without heritage value, is getting old and no longer meets current standards and requirements.

The site has seen a lot of change since its construction in the 1940s and 1950s. Comprising seven blocks including a 13-storey tower in the centre of the block, it has ±200 social housing units and a few shops. In view of the complexity of the site and the condition of the buildings, which varies greatly from one building to another, the decision has been made to conduct a complete feasibility study to achieve a project that is in tune with the reality of the terrain, the social expectations and the different urban challenges posed.

In collaboration with SLRB, Logement Bruxellois is launching a feasibility study focussing on redeveloping the “Haute” site. The mission entails a study of the technical, spatial and programmatic potential of the site, as well as the economic feasibility.  Different redevelopment scenarios will be proposed and assessed help with the decision-making towards the final strategic vision.
The contract therefore seeks to appoint a multi-discipline team (architect, stability engineer and special techniques engineer) to conduct the feasibility study.

One particular aim of the project anticipated by the client is to revitalise and redesign the outdoor areas for the inhabitants and the district, for new appropriation, quality uses, so that the site becomes dynamic again and an attractive place to live.