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After the Klavertjevier school and its forecourt, both of which via competitions supported by the BMA, it is now the turn of the neighbouring crèche. Indeed, as part of the contrat de quartier durable Héliport-Anvers, the Régie Foncière de la Ville de Bruxelles is starting a project to transform the site, with the ambition of building a project of high architectural quality including a 1,000m² nursery as well as a dozen housing units. Square, school, crèche and housing: these are the four leaves of the clover that will soon be growing in the Héliport-Anvers district.

This district is undergoing major changes. Several regional projects are underway, such as the redevelopment of Maximilian Park and the reconfiguration of the Allée Verte, and will greatly alter the dynamics of the area. The team will have to understand these changes and propose a project that manages to weave a link between the different building typologies that make up the neighbourhood. Of course, it will also be necessary to give the housing and the nursery the spatial qualities that they require. But above all, the Régie Foncière expects a sustainable and global approach. It wishes to make it an innovative project that will take advantage of the physical parameters of the land and will favour ‘low tech’ aspects, natural soil, integrated rainwater management and the choice of ecological materials. In this respect, the fate of the existing building and its possible integration into the project will be decisive.