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Renovation of the façades

The Théâtre Royal de la Monnaie, an iconic building in the history of Belgium and one of the most innovative opera houses in Europe, has undergone many transformations throughout its life. Today, its façades are in a state of disrepair and require renovation. This is therefore a heritage and technical restoration project that also requires developing a vision to revitalise this listed monument.

Indeed, La Monnaie wishes to enhance its reach and openness to the outside world through the use of lighting, signage and the integration of an artistic project. These works will follow in the tradition that started with the renovation of the royal lodge and entrance vestibule, a project overseen by architect Charles Vandenhove in collaboration with artists Sol Lewitt, Sam Francis, Giulio Paolini and Daniel Buren. While integrating the artwork is not included in the mission from the start, an openness to artistic dialogue is desirable.

Beliris is therefore seeking a team with expertise in architecture/restoration; delivering heritage, historical and technical-material studies (diagnostic); construction physics; engineering and special techniques (architectonic lighting); external signage design (opera season display); support for artistic integration; and stability engineering. This team will be tasked with planning and overseeing the works.