(c) Séverin Malaud


Public Space

The Mediapark project needs no introduction. As a future media cluster that will house, among other things, the new headquarters of RTBF and VRT, the Brussels Region aims to turn this open urban space into a brand new high-quality, creative, mixed and lively district. Beliris is now launching a tender for a very important part of the Mediapark project: the design and implementation of the public space.

A place to live but also to work and relax, defined by the proximity of numerous media companies with some 5,000 employees; the future city park will bring together various different urban functions (offices, housing, schools, etc.). The typology of the space should be adapted to the busy use of the site. In addition, a preliminary study on the public spaces of the Mediapark was carried out by perspective.brussels and led to the conclusion of a series of elements that will serve as the basis for this project.

Beliris is looking for a multidisciplinary team for a complete project design. Throughout the contract, this team will have to adapt and re-evaluate the project according to the development of the site, the changes in the district and the needs identified, while maintaining a solid urban and landscape concept that structures the whole. The project should reflect powerful and exemplary town planning ambitions.