(c) Séverin Malaud

Boulevard Pacheco is an important axis in the city and is due to undergo many changes over the coming years. Indeed, many development projects are being planned. These will transform the neighbourhood, both in terms of functional mix and urban feeling. It is within this context that a project has been launched to renovate and transform the base of the building, which is currently home to the famous Passage 44. The aim is to integrate a high-quality, buzzy student hub to enhance the neighbourhood’s future vibrancy.

Overall, the architect should demonstrate an interest in and feeling for the corporate modernist architectural vernacular of the 1960s. Indeed, the transformation must respect the building’s architectural features, even though these will not be entirely retained.  In particular, the façades of the base must offer more interaction and visibility in relation to the surrounding public space. Finally, the project plans an increase in the building’s volume as well as the reintegration of sections of the building which are of interest.

Belfius Insurance is seeking a cross-disciplinary team for the full architectural brief. Following the application phase, three to five teams will be invited for an interview without design proposals. Understanding the programme and its ambitions will be the focus of this interview. This procedure therefore focuses on selecting a designer but not a design at this stage.

Belfius Insurance NV is not subject to the language legislation. Therefore contracts documents are written in Dutch. Applications may be submitted in French or Dutch.