Social housing - Day centre

The CPAS in Ixelles has a whole host of projects in its portfolio. In particular, the PAQUOT 57-59 project, which has seen a few twists. In fact, a first tender was launched a few years ago but was not completed, especially due to issues of too large size. So the CPAS decided to change its mind and relaunch the project with the ambition of opening up to the district and creating connections, all this with a less dense scheme for better urban integration.

So on the plot on the corner of rue Paquot in Ixelles, the CPAS would like to place a Day Centre for senior citizens and about 7 social housing. As the buildings currently on the plot are too dilapidated, they will have to be demolished. The challenge will be to make use of the easement between the plot and the neighbouring Ixelles Hospital, and improve and integrate it in the new project and its green areas. In fact, the CPAS’ ambition is to liven up the plot and develop connections in the district between the new Day Centre, neighbouring rest home and district in general. Moreover, the project will close the urban block and clearly redefine the boundary of the hospital site.

Ixelles CPAS is therefore in search of a multi-disciplinary team with skills in architecture, stability engineering, special techniques engineering, health and safety co-ordination and a PEB advisor. The CPAS is seeking a project on a district scale and a building which blends with its surroundings, both on rue Jean Paquot and the block’s interior. The project must also enhance urbanism, such as close relations between the ground floor and public space; a communal green area at the end of the plot; etc..

It will be about designing a project which will be characterised by the right balance between creative, effective, sustainable architecture and cost reduction, of which the project authors must be aware, both from the point of view of the construction and the future management of the development, its maintenance and its refurbishment.  Finally, the project must reflect significant ambitions in the fields of sustainability and the environment.