School - Amenities

This year again, the Region has launched a call for applications for new School Contracts. These contracts should improve the school environment and the openness of schools to the neighbourhood in order to make the school infrastructure a real partner in the life of the neighbourhood.

The mission includes 3 parts for each School Contract with a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 4 contracts to be studied:

  • Part 1: diagnosis and defining priorities
  • Part 2: action and investment programme
  • Part 3: summary report

The School Service is therefore looking for a multidisciplinary team to draw up the programmes for the contracts that will be selected by the government.

The following competences are required, as a minimum:

  • Architecture – Urban planning
  • Sociology
  • Participation with particular attention to the young public and schools


  • Quality, clarity and relevance of the vision (40%)
  • Quality, clarity and relevance of the working methodology (50%) :
  • Ability to synthesise and communicate graphically the issues of the School Contract (10%)

Early October: 3 to 4 teams will be invited to submit a tender
End of November: presentation of tenders to the Jury
End of 2021: assignement

Fixed at €100,000 excluding VAT for the 3 or 4 selected contracts.

€1,500 awarded to each of the 2 to 3 teams not selected to tender that submitted a valid offer and that obtained at least 50% of the points on the basis of the award criteria.

If you are interested in the work, we invite you to send an e-mail, before 30/09/2021 at noon, to the bouwmeester maître architecte at appel-oproep@bma.brussels, showing your interest, motivation and experience, and giving your contact details and/or those of the planned team (on a maximum of 1 attached A4 sheet).