(c) Séverin Malaud

The condition of St. Hubert’s Church in Watermael-Boitsfort has been getting steadily worse for over ten years now. Stones and parts of the ceiling falling down eventually led to the closure of the church. The building’s powerful presence along the boulevards and the tramway makes it an emblematic building of the Woluwe valley; it should be refurbished in a sustainable and exemplary manner. The municipality, which owns the building, has found a good partner in Inside Development to renovate the church and partially convert it into housing.

After a first project that didn’t work out, Inside Development is looking for an architect to explore the  possibilities of the building. The aim is to identify the real estate potential of the site, taking into consideration the heritage, architectural, structural, programmatic and economic aspects of the project. The study aims to objectify these different issues and will provide redevelopment scenarios. This work will be carried out with Inside Development, of course, but also in consultation with municipal and regional partners, since the aim is to attain a vision for the redevelopment of the church that is shared by all. The assignment is for a feasibility study, but Inside Development’s goal is to follow this up with a full design assignment, depending on the results of the feasibility study. This is an interview-based procedure, with no competition sketch required.

Inside Development is not subject to the language legislation. Therefore the assignment documents shall be drawn up in French.