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This is a unique opportunity to bring circular construction in Brussels to a next level!  Faced with climate change and the great responsibility of the building and materials sector, various circularity partners are coming together at the Stadsatelier de Ville to create leverage. The contractor DEMOCO and BC architects & studies & materials are launching a circular hub project and a new production site for BC materials. This hub responds to the pressing need to provide  the necessary storage space for recycled materials in Brussels and also allows other players in the sector to benefit from it. Obviously the building itself will have to be an example of circularity.

Following a call from the Port of Brussels, TM STADSAT, consisting of BC architects & studies & materials and DEMOCO, will develop the project on the TACT site. We see this cooperation as a positive sign for the upscaling and mainstreaming of the use of circular materials in Brussels.

TM STADSAT is looking for an architect to form a project team with BC architects & studies and the necessary engineering offices. The latter will be proposed by DEMOCO at a later stage, in discussion with the winner.

Following the application phase, 3 candidates will be invited to submit a vision and strategy proposal based on a catalogue of available reuse elements, an approach regarding circularity and a methodology. Applicants are not therefore asked to submit design sketches.