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On the Stephenson wasteland, an Infrabel site that is difficult to access and has significant slopes, the new public park for the neighbourhood will be developed, running alongside the railway track and with entrances via Rue Navez and Place Stephenson. The old vegetable gardens, now abandoned, will be redesigned in a park, which will be revitalised by its focus on biodiversity and rainwater management.

A set of public facilities will create a new heart for the neighbourhood, connecting Stephenson Square to the future park.

A technical and financial feasibility study has defined the urban and programmatic framework for the different operations as well as the financial and operational aspects.

RenovaS is looking for a team of designers (architecture-urbanism, stability engineering, special techniques engineering, PEB, health and safety coordination, acoustics, landscape design, soil pollution expert, hydrology expert, naturalist) for the flagship project of the Stephenson sustainable neighbourhood contract which consists of:
an architectural component:
– construction of a 35-seat crèche
– renovation/construction of a sports facility
– renovation of association premises
and a public space development component:
– development of the new Stephenson Park
– redevelopment of the Stephenson square