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The Be Sustainable platform consists of a network, tools, inspiration, knowledge and a support service to build up ambitious sustainable neighbourhoods. Developed by the Brussels Region, this strategy is fully in line with the Brussels Regional Sustainable Development Plan (PRDD) and the United Nations’ sustainable development targets. The platform is operated and developed by the Sustainable Neighbourhood Coordination team, under the supervision of Brussels Environment. This tender is for the appointment of the Coordinator.

In order to direct the practices of the urban and regional planning sector towards greater sustainability, the coordinator’s mission is to make the Be Sustainable approach known and to empower public (and private) project owners in their use of the tool. Support for change in practices is deployed through several different work areas, such as accompanying neighbourhood projects, providing adapted educational courses, setting up a network of players via the web platform and targeted actions, the provision of tools and information, etc.

The present contract will consist of the candidate putting forward his/her experience, firstly in the field of town planning for a sustainable urban development project, and secondly, in the field of assistance for the contracting authority, or coordination. Furthermore, he/she will explain his/her understanding of the mission of the Sustainable Neighbourhood Coordinator and his/her methodology for attaining mission targets. Skills in town planning, sustainable development and the supervision of adult education will be required.

Be Sustainable is the result of a co-production process between five regional institutions active in the field of spatial planning and urban revitalisation in Brussels: Brussels Environement, perspective.brussels, Société d’Aménagement Urbain (SAU), Urban.brussels and the BMA.