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construction of 26 social housing units

Comensia, a social and cooperative enterprise for tenants, wishes to develop 26 social housing units on its land located on rue de l’Azur in Berchem-Sainte-Agathe. This is an interesting challenge given the size of the plot and the angle it forms on the street. The future project will be located between the Berchem-Sainte-Agathe sports complex and the residential area along Avenue du Roi Albert, marked by the presence of large residential slabs and smaller three and four-storey housing units.

The project owner’s aim is threefold. Firstly, Comensia wants to create an exemplary sustainable and environmentally-friendly building, with special attention paid to integrating the project into the area and into its surrounding landscape. Next, the project should present architecture that provides a collective identity and coherence to all the housing units, and foster a feeling of connection to the place and connection between the future occupants. Finally, the project is expected to offer diversity in the type of housing units, while combining quality of spaces and functionality.

To bring the project to fruition, Comensia is seeking a multidisciplinary team that brings together skills in architecture, stability, special techniques, energy performance of buildings and material resources management.